Edward on Kant

英文誌(三)Edward on Kant

在哲思誌(一1)提到 Edward 的博士論文是康德。他給我們母女上了一課「康德」。其中比較艱澀難懂的,康德的龐大思想體系部分的英文,讓我白了一根頭髮,就暫時把它放在腦後吧!

There’s an amusing anecdote of Kant. He lived in a Prussian town called Konigsburg. He was very regular in his habits. It was said that you could set your watch for his afternoon walks. He would walk pass your window exactly the same time every day. He is often called the sage of Konigsburg. I think like most people、he was raised in a Christian household.

Kant was very methodical. He likes to make tables、and puts all his ideas into boxes. If you just look at the content page at the beginning of the Critique of Pure Reasons、there’s the list of contents、and it is extremely complex、but it’s very deliberate. He likes to separate things. So his big thing is that he separates reason and faith.

In a way、Kant was heretical. (Hume didn’t believe in God either.)

Basically、before Kant、no one had really tried to make this separation. If you look at Descartes、or other writers before him、from Plato、they think that they can use philosophy/thinking to work through a process of arguments in order to reach the highest thing、to reach God. They think that through thoughts、they can prove God、and they can show how everything that exists is ordered、caused、and so on.
If you look at Aristotle、he calls God the first cause. He calls him the prime mover. For Aristotle、God is the thing that makes the universe keep going. It’s also the thing that explains everything. He also equates God with love in some senses as well. When we say cause、it is a teleological cause. Everything else moves towards it.

With Kant、he is heretical. But it’s a heresy that has become established.
Nowadays churches do not try to get involved in philosophy. It’s also a heresy that became、if you like、an important part of Christianity. If you read Kierkegaard (He’s writings are very beautiful)、he makes the idea that God can’t be proved. He makes that the most important thing about Christianity. He makes his opposition between reason and faith. 
    If you could prove God、it wouldn’t be interesting. If you could prove it、you wouldn’t have to believe in it. You believe、because there’s an opposition between reason and faith. You believe because there’s no reason to believe. So in a way、Kant’s heresy became orthodox、the right way、sometimes.

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