Concerning Temptation ⑴

英文誌(五之一)Concerning Temptation ⑴  

An invalid lady procured once the cocoon of a very beautiful butterfly with unusually magnificent wings hoping to have the pleasure of seeing it emerge from its cocoon in her sickchamber.

She watched it eagerly as spring drew on、and finally was delighted to see the butterfly beginning to emerge.

But it seemed to have great difficulty. It pushed、and strained、and struggled、and seemed to make so little headway、that she concluded it must need some help、and with a pair of delicate scissors she finally clipped the tight cord that seemed to bind in the opening of the cocoon.

Immediately the cocoon opened wide、and the butterfly escaped without any further struggle.   

She congratulated herself on the success of her experiment、but found in a moment that something was the matter with the butterfly.

It was all out of the cocoon it is true、but its great wings were lifeless and colorless、and dragged after it as a useless burden.

For a few days it lived a miserable sickly life、and then died、without having once lifted its powerless wings.

The lady was sorely disappointed and could not understand it. But when she related the circumstance to a naturalist、he told her that it had all been her own fault.

That it required just that pushing and struggling to send the life fluid into the veins of the wings、and that her mistaken kindness in shortening the struggle、had left the wings lifeless and colorless.

Just so do our spiritual wings need the struggle and effort of our conflict with temptation and trial; and to grant us an escape from it would be to weaken the power of our soul to 「mount up with wings as eagles」 (Isa. 40:31) 、and would deprive us of the 「crown of life」 which is promised to those who endure.



忍受試探的人是有福的,因為他經過試驗以後,必得生命的冠冕; 這是主應許給那些愛他之人的。
Blessed is anyone who endures temptation. Such a one has stood the test and will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

這篇英文誌是曉嵐為各位看官打字的;中文部份是曉嵐的翻譯。這是對留言版的第 48 篇的回應,二文互相呼應,各位可以對照結論的不同,或者有更多收穫呢!    *^_^*



We must fly from discouragement as we would from sin




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2 Responses to Concerning Temptation ⑴

  1. Unknown 說道:


  2. margaret 說道:

    Shien,人總是被一些小小的試探(誘惑)牽引著。君看曉嵐老是喜歡去看網誌上「設定」之後的「統計資料」,看看誰來過了?看看有哪些人來參觀多次?哪些人一直是默觀者?這種好奇,It is tempting.例如今早有很多「空降」的人次檢視網頁,就是可能從「我的最愛」直接點閱進來的,這些人我就不知道是誰了;當然歡迎,可是「心會出去了」,揣測著是何方人士?這是「壞習慣」,有點浪費時間,可是又改不過來,如何「有智慧地避開」呢?進入中年,有些人生的大方向確實能掌握得住,然而,對於個人的小毛病卻是有點縱容,這也是人性軟弱的一部分?


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